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Over 92% of businesses still prefer to pay vendors and suppliers by check, even though check fraud targets over 70% of businesses. SnapCheck digital checks let your business customers go paperless, marrying all the familiarity of traditional business checks with the safety, speed, and security of modern payment technology—all from within your business solution.

Instant Delivery

SnapCheck payments are just like paper check payments, only they’re delivered at the click of “Send.”

Safety and Security

SnapCheck payments are 90% more fraud resistant than any other payment method out there.

Flexible Integration

Our flexible API enables you to easily enhance existing web and mobile applications with a digital checks solution.

Cost Effective

Your customers can be more effective with their resources when you help them cut paper costs and transactions fees.

Winner of Best in Payment APIs

API:WORLD SnapCheck Award

Partnering with SnapCheck is Easy

We’re built to meet the unique needs of software platforms. With just a few lines of code, SnapCheck seamlessly fits into your existing solution, providing your customers with the easiest, safest, and fastest way to send a check.

Send and Receive in a Snap

Adding SnapCheck to your platform is easy. Using it is even easier.


With over 4,000 banks supported nationwide, SnapCheck connects you and your customers directly to the US banking system.


Creating a digital check is a simple and familiar process. They’re exactly like paper checks, but hassle-free and cost-effective.


Payments happen directly between the payer and payee via email, substantially reducing risks of fraud.


Recipients can deposit directly through SnapCheck’s user-friendly app, or even print and deposit manually.

Trusted by Banks and Businesses

  • "SnapCheck transforms a legacy paper-based payments process into a digital medium that helps remove friction, decrease latency, and increase transparency."

    Bank of The West Logo

  • “SnapCheck is an amazing tool! As a small business owner we have to keep up with many things, especially when it comes to writing checks. With SnapCheck, we actually save money with less checks to write and more time to grow our business.”

    Liberty Tax Service Logo

  • "In our company we deal with a lot of short-term contractors and subcontractors to get projects done. For short-term contractors, direct deposit takes too long to set up and is hard to manage. So we use SnapCheck. We just enter the person’s name and amount and the payment is sent instantly. It’s so easy.”

    Bruce Logo

  • “Yooz carefully evaluated digital payments providers as potential strategic partners, and the reasons why SnapCheck is a leader in the digital payments industry immediately became clear.  Our combined solution will flawlessly automate and digitize from end-to-end what used to be a very manual and time-consuming process.”

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