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We are business owners, freelancers, founders, engineers, and team leaders. We are you. We understand the challenges of growing and scaling a business, including the hassles of accounting and payment. That’s why we’re here to help.

A Word from Our CEO

Running a business, I had a challenge. I wanted to pay the people who worked for me via electronic payments. I asked my employees how they would like to get paid, they all offered up different ways, but in the end the only answer that everyone agreed on was “Just give me a paper check!” I ended up blocking 4 days a month just to pay payroll by paper checks. I thought this just can’t be a problem only for me. So, I asked a few of my friends who are business owners and they told me they do exactly the same thing. I could not believe it. There had to be a better way.

So, we created the “paper check killer,” a concept that was validated and verified when we won Bank of the West’s North America Hackathon, followed by winning the BNP Paribas International Hackathon shortly thereafter. From these humble beginnings, we created a way to make any-to-any payments that are democratic and instantaneous as wells as a fully functional business suite with APIs to customize your offerings even further.

We also believe that every business is unique. No two are the same with respect to how they manage payments, time horizons, risk profiles, and personal values. Therefore our tools allow you to easily customize our APIs to your business needs. Although we provide a standard tool kit for business payment and management, you can easily build your own from scratch.

No matter if you’re a large enterprise looking for a simple, cost-effective platform to manage your payments or a small business owner looking for a tool that reflects your accounting needs, SnapCheck provides you with a platform and tools to achieve your unique goals.

Ken Kruszka – Founder & CEO





  • Fred Martin
    Fred Martin

    (Retired) Head of Government Relations at Bank of America

    (Retired) Chair of Electronic Funds Task Force at Bank of America

    Contributor of 24 amendments to the Electronic Funds Transfer Act

  • Mike Grossman
    Mike Grossman

    Current Board Director at Quicken

    Former CEO at Tempo

    Former Founder and
    CEO at Live Capital

    Former VP of Marketing and Business Development at Intuit

  • Dion Lisle
    Dion Lisle

    Former Head of FinTech at Capgemini

    Former VP of Ventures
    at First Data

    Former EVP of
    Ventures at Citi Growth

    Former VP of Business Development at Obopay

  • John Skinner

    Current VP of Business Development and Channel Partnerships at Shape Security

    Former Managing Director of Global Software Alliances at Intel

  • Steve Getsy
    Steve Getsy

    (Retired) EVP Sales and Marketing at Fiserv

    Former General Manager of Banking and Thrift Services at ADP

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