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92% of businesses still embrace check payments, and your clients are no different. On a regular basis, your clients must transact with vendors, suppliers, employees, and contractors, but the process isn’t always straightforward with paper checks. It’s a series of stressful time-consuming offline steps, and the risk of check fraud is always looming.

Check payments can be painless. SnapCheck complements solutions like yours to provide a streamlined process for hassle-free, transparent digital check payments.

Cost Savings

SnapCheck’s digital checks can help your clients save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional check payments.

Competitive Edge

Meet the demands of millions where your competitors cannot and give your clients a widely preferred payment option with modern improvements.

Faster Payroll

Payday can be stressful, even with direct deposit—never mind paper. Payroll with SnapCheck removes the lengthy wait times.

Reduce Fraud

Fraud risks increase every time a paper check changes hands. SnapCheck payments happen securely only between the payer and payee.

Seamless API Integration

SnapCheck complements your existing accounting and payroll solution through easy API integration. Retain your brand’s look and feel while enhancing your product offering. No redundancies. No overhauling back-office processes.

Enhance Your Accounting and Payroll Solution


SnapCheck’s digital experience keeps in mind the 92% of businesses still reliant on paper checks by retaining the familiar experience of writing one.

Value Add

Consolidating offline payments with online records is inefficient. Integrate SnapCheck and offer your clients a new level of convenience and efficiency.


Whether you have 1 client or 1000+ clients, SnapCheck grows with your platform, extending an easy, secure, and fast payment option to everyone.

Go Green

Cutting back on print, paper, and postage will help your clients reduce monetary costs and paper waste.

  • “Yooz carefully evaluated digital payments providers as potential strategic partners, and the reasons why SnapCheck is a leader in the digital payments industry immediately became clear.  Our combined solution will flawlessly automate and digitize from end-to-end what used to be a very manual and time-consuming process.”

Add SnapCheck to your accounting and payroll process today.

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