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As a financial institution, you understand better than most that supporting a client’s financial success is more than just offering quick and easy fixes. The best approach is offering solutions actually tailored to client needs and business functions.

When 92% of businesses predominantly use paper checks, we see that as a need. Partnering with SnapCheck allows you to leverage our proven technology to better support client successwhether it’s treasury management, corporate payments, SMB payments, or bill payall under your name and branding. SnapCheck complements your services through flexible API integrations.

Instant Delivery

No more lengthy wait times. Your clients simply click “Send,” and their digital check is delivered instantly.

Fraud Elimination

SnapCheck payments are 90% more fraud resistant than any other payment method out there.

Unparalleled Security

SnapCheck protects your clients’ private information with industry leading FinTrust™ security.

User Preference

Your clients are different and so are the ways they prefer to pay. Adding SnapCheck will help you accommodate more diverse needs.

Seamless API Integration

SnapCheck is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Our API implementation makes it easy to integrate simple digital check payments directly into your app or platform.

More Than a Payment Solution


Traditional checks are inconvenient, requiring time and regular reorders. Digital checks enable your customers to transact from anywhere at any time.

Cost Effective

By removing the need for print, paper, and postage, you can help your customers save up to 70% on associated costs.


The processing and delivery lag of paper checks are frustrating at best. SnapCheck gives your clients transparency into every check transaction.


SnapCheck’s paperless solution helps your customers save money and reduce environmental waste.

  • "SnapCheck transforms a legacy paper-based payments process into a digital medium that helps remove friction, decrease latency, and increase transparency."

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