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The only universally accepted payment format, paper checks remain the preferred business payment mechanism. However, they are cumbersome, lack transparency and clarity, and require manual work from all parties involved. Adopting such an inconvenient payment method, no matter how popular, is counter-intuitive for any modern fintech company.

That’s where SnapCheck comes in. We’ve upgraded one of the most ubiquitous payment methods for business, and now you can too. Our fully-integrated solution complements your platform and provides your users with the easiest, safest, and fastest way to send payments the way they wantwhether it’s person-to-person, B2B, or something in between.

Preferred Payment

SnapCheck is a digital upgrade to the way 92% of businesses prefer to conduct payments.

Safety & Security

Our payment solution comes with uncompromising security backed by FinTrust™. Your users can transact with peace of mind.


SnapCheck offers a friendly and familiar payment experience preferred worldwide, modernized with speed and security.

Cost Savings

SnapCheck’s paperless payments can help your customers save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional check payments.

Seamless API Integration

Give your customers a ubiquitous way to pay with the speed and security they need. SnapCheck integrates seamlessly into your customer experience to enhance your existing services.

More Than a Payment Solution


SnapCheck grows with your customers’ needs. Whether they send 1 transaction, 100, or more, SnapCheck remains efficient and cost-effective.


Your customers already rely on your service to get most of the job done. Why send them elsewhere for a critical step like payment?

Instant Delivery

No more cumbersome wait times and guessing games. SnapCheck delivers digital check payments instantly.


SnapCheck is an environmentally friendly solution, eliminating the cost and waste associated with paper check payments.

  • "SnapCheck transforms a legacy paper-based payments process into a digital medium that helps remove friction, decrease latency, and increase transparency."

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  • “SnapCheck is an amazing tool! As a small business owner we have to keep up with many things, especially when it comes to writing checks. With SnapCheck, we actually save money with less checks to write and more time to grow our business.”

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