Simple and Secure Payments and Collections

A solution tailored to the diverse needs of governments and their citizens

Faster, Compliant Payments for Every Government Program

Expanding payment options for your constituents, streamlining revenue collections, and providing the community with the highest level of service is essential for today’s government organizations. Whether your agency receives or disburses benefits, pays contractors, collects taxes,  or distributes refund payments, SnapCheck’s easy and flexible solution can help you offer more payment choices and streamline the payment processresulting in greater convenience and better service for your citizens.


SnapCheck keeps payments super simple, combining the familiarity of paper checks with the speed of digital transactions.

Reduce Risks

Fraud risks increase every time a paper check changes hands. SnapCheck transactions go directly from the payer to the recipient.

Safety & Security

SnapCheck takes compliance and security seriously, providing industry-leading safeguards with FinTrust™ Security.

Cost Effective

SnapCheck payments help save up to 70% on costs associated with paper checks, putting resources back into programs that matter.

Seamless API Integration

Upgrade legacy systems without costly overhauls and complicated installations. SnapCheck easily integrates into current processes.

Private Sector Benefits for Public Sector Success


Paper checks contribute to slow bureaucratic processes. SnapCheck enables faster payments and collections.

Easy Auditing

Every SnapCheck transaction is clear and transparent, simplifying accountability and the auditing process.

User Satisfaction

Program payments send instantly. Less stress and faster payments means happier constituents and civic workers.


Your agency can set the right example with a paperless and eco-friendly solution.

  • "SnapCheck transforms a legacy paper-based payments process into a digital medium that helps remove friction, decrease latency, and increase transparency."

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  • "In our company we deal with a lot of short-term contractors and subcontractors to get projects done. For short-term contractors, direct deposit takes too long to set up and is hard to manage. So we use SnapCheck. We just enter the person’s name and amount and the payment is sent instantly. It’s so easy.”

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