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Millions worldwide still rely on traditional checks to conduct business, regardless of industry and company size. Yet few providers today, robust enterprise platforms included, offer an alternative to cumbersome and risky paper transactions. SnapCheck is the digital checks solution your customers want. Partner with us and provide them with a safer, streamlined payment option available directly within your existing platform. Check payments won’t get easier than this.

SnapCheck instant payments

Instant Delivery

SnapCheck provides your customers with the safest, easiest, and fastest way to send a check—all they have to do is click “Send.” Their digital check is instantly delivered to the recipient.

Security with Blockchain

When it comes to digital payments, safety and security are critical requirements. That’s why we’re proud to be the world’s first blockchain-enabled digital checking platform. By enabling on-chain settlement, we greatly reduce the risks of fraudulent activity.

Beyond the blockchain, we take every measure to enforce best security standards and practices. All sensitive data on our servers are encrypted and secured to ensure your customers’ information remains private thanks to FinTrust™ protection.

Snapcheck Easy Integration

Flexible Integration

Incorporating SnapCheck’s paperless payment option into your existing payment process is simple. Use the SnapCheck API to tailor a solution that works best for you and your customers.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

SnapCheck virtually eliminates all the costs and waste associated with paper checks—printing, paper, stamps, envelopes, and more. Feel good knowing your business helps customers reduce expenses by at least 70%. Feel even better knowing those savings are also earth friendly.

SnapCheck Eco-friendly

Send and Receive in a Snap

Adding SnapCheck to your platform is easy. Using it is even easier.


With over 4,000 banks supported nationwide, SnapCheck connects you and your customers directly to the US banking system.


Creating a digital check is a simple and familiar process. They’re exactly like paper checks, but hassle-free.


All your customers need to send a digital check is their recipient’s email address.


Recipients can deposit directly through SnapCheck’s user-friendly app, or even print and deposit manually.

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