Modernize the Claims Process

Bring insurance payments into the digital age

Proven Payments Insurers Need with the Speed Consumers Want

Today’s consumers exist in a digital world. SnapCheck helps you meet them there with a fully-integrated digital check solution for everything from claims disbursements to premium collections. You get an enhanced but familiar product seamlessly fitted into your existing services while customers get the safe, easy, and fast payment option they want.

User Friendly

SnapCheck payments feature the familiarity of every paper check—it’s the speed and security that gets a drastic boost.

Cash Flow & Management

SnapCheck provides transparency into transaction status and history, enabling careful cash flow optimization and management.

Customer Satisfaction

SnapCheck is the speed, simplicity, and security modern consumers want. Easily add it to your own solution and boost customer satisfaction.

Safety & Security

SnapCheck eliminates risks that increase with multiple touch points. Digital checks go directly from payer to recipient.

Seamless API Integration

Upgrade legacy systems without costly overhauls and complicated installations. SnapCheck easily integrates into your existing claims and benefits solution.

More Than a Payments Enhancement

Cost Savings

SnapCheck’s digital checks can help save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional paper check payments.

Competitive Edge

Today’s insurance solutions still lag behind. Leverage SnapCheck’s proven technology as your own and offer customers a new, faster payments process that trumps the competition.

Instant Delivery

Whether it’s 1 transaction, 1000, or more, SnapCheck removes the frustrations of lengthy processing and delivery times for insurers and customers alike.


As a paperless payment option, SnapCheck is a benefit to you as well as the environment.

  • “SnapCheck is an amazing tool! As a small business owner we have to keep up with many things, especially when it comes to writing checks. With SnapCheck, we actually save money with less checks to write and more time to grow our business.”

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