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The success of your marketplace relies on the success of your merchants and the overall satisfaction of their customers. This can be an immense challenge, requiring effective merchant management while also meeting their varying payment needs which can differ greatly according to business size and type. That’s where we come in. SnapCheck can help you increase revenue and expand your services with just one integration. Partner with SnapCheck today and support better payments for buyers and sellers as well as payments to service providers and downstream wholesalers.

Scale Quickly

Paper checks are simple and ubiquitous but they can’t scale. SnapCheck’s digital solution makes paying 1,000 merchants as simple as paying 10.

Safety & Security

SnapCheck is safeguarded by FinTrust™ Security to help you and your merchants in the battle against fraud.

Payout Fees

Eliminate the high fees of traditional payout methods. SnapCheck keeps your costs low regardless of the payment amount.

Instant Delivery

At the click of “Send,” digital checks are delivered in milliseconds. Your merchants will thank you.

Seamless API Integration

Leverage SnapCheck’s proven technology, infrastructure, and expertise by integrating SnapCheck directly into your existing platform.

More Than a Payment Solution

Reduce Fraud

SnapCheck payments are strictly between sender and recipient, eliminating fraud risks that increase with multiple touch points.

Cost Savings

SnapCheck’s digital checks help save up to 70% on costs associated with traditional check payments.


SnapCheck aggregates important transaction details and payment history into one place.

Cash Flow and Management

Control and optimize for business stability with transparent access to transaction status the moment they happen.

  • "In our company we deal with a lot of short-term contractors and subcontractors to get projects done. For short-term contractors, direct deposit takes too long to set up and is hard to manage. So we use SnapCheck. We just enter the person’s name and amount and the payment is sent instantly. It’s so easy.”

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