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The Modern Payment Platform Built for Business

92% of businesses still prefer check payments, cumbersome transactions prone to fraud, because existing alternatives offer no less risk and oftentimes demand higher transaction fees.

SnapCheck’s digital checks are the best alternative—faster, safer, and more cost-effective than paper checks, and they’re 90% more fraud resistant than any other payment method out there.

Step 1. Create a Payment

The user logs into your application and initiates a digital check payment with just 4 simple pieces of information: payee name, amount, memo, and recipient email address. They can even add an attachment to accompany the payment.

Step 2. Send

The user clicks “Send” and their SnapCheck is sent to the recipient in milliseconds. They also now have a digital copy of the payment!

Step 3. Receive and Deposit

The recipient can deposit the new payment with the click of a button or print a paper copy for manual deposit. It’s that fast and easy.

Our Payment Platform, Your User Interface

One size does not fit all. That’s why SnapCheck integrates seamlessly into your existing system to give you full control of your payments process and branding. Users remain within your environment to conduct digital check payments.

Easy Integration and Implementation

Named the Best Payment API by API:World, SnapCheck was built by developers for developers. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your user experience and gives your users easy access to a new, better payment option.

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